Nourish the BODY. We select our tea from only the purest fields, utilizing brewing methods that retain optimal taste, moistens the palate, and leaves ones body free of toxins.


Calm the MIND. Treating the environment with kindness creates a virtuous circle for the art of drinking tea. With JIN, simultaneously enjoy your cup of fine brew with peace of mind and delight in the serenity it brings.


Enrich the SOUL. When land, body, and mind are purified, our vital farmland is abundant with the joyous livelihood of Earth’s wonderful creatures. The positive beneficial energy enriches the soul in the endless cycle of renewal.




Cold Brew organic JIN Tea has a pure, elegantly harmonious taste with a lingering sweet and mellow fragrance. Our tea specialists are precise in their use of just the right amount of tea leaves and cold water infusion to allow the sleeping leaves to naturally awaken. At the same time, the release of tannins and caffeine is lowered and more tea polyphenols and catechins are retained. The result is a more aromatic and spiritually rejuvenating tea.




Organic tea freshly brewed in a Zisha (Purple Clay) teapot is rich and full-bodied in flavor with a fragrant and sweetly luscious aftertaste. We use water heated to 95 degrees Celsius to awaken the pot. JIN’s tea masters carefully measure the exact amount of tea leaves to use in the warmed teapot and flush it with boiling water until the leaves unfurl. After the tea soup has been fully infused with the leaf’s fragrance, it is poured into dedicated tea ware.Click the play button to view the process.


More Than Just Tea

The JIN team has diligently surveyed all of Taiwan in search of the finest tea leaves. Only a select few plantations are capable of producing the quality we desire.

Oriental Beauty Oolong Tea

The leaves are grown on organic land and transform into a unique tea that is fruity in flavor with a smooth honey finish.

Oolong Tea

The leaves produce a unique and elegantly floral aroma, with a smooth finishing taste and hints of Green Tea.

High Mountain Oolong Tea

This organic tea is full-bodied in flavor and aroma, with a comforting aftertaste that will linger on your palate.

Amber Oolong Tea

Amber Oolong Tea exudes a rich and robust profile, boasting a luscious, ripe fruity fragrance.


Using traditional cooking methods to bring out the flavor, these toppings perfectly complement any drink at JIN.

Herbal Jelly

A dessert made from the Mesona Chinensis herb. It has a slight herbal taste and a light lavender aroma.

Brown Sugar Pearls

Our pearls, also known as boba, are chewy and sweet with a hint of brown sugar.

Organic Tofu Pudding

A smooth and silky traditional Chinese dessert made from organic soy beans, similar looking to flan.



JIN Tea proudly use BP Specialty’s organic tea certified by CERES that meets USA’s NOP (National Organic Program) standards. Our tea undergoes strict organic verifications ranging from location, altitude, airborne substances, neighboring crops, and other categories. We ensure each and every serving of JIN tea fulfills our responsibility to you and the environment.


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